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Jogs with Dogs

Having decided it's time I got my running shoes out again, I've starting jogging in the mornings, and what better way to do it, then with a mans best friend. Buster here, is loving walking, trotting and cantering and the odd sprint with me in the beautiful St Ives countryside. Being in sync, keeping the same pace truely is a brilliant way to bond with your dogs and is great exercise for the both of you.

Much Fun Furniture

Some more equipment for the doggies to get stuck into. We have a new Tunnel and an Arch to check out. The Pack already seem to approve, trotting through, jumping on and marking the new additions to the Mutt Meadow.

Bales of Fun

We now have a fresh brand new straw bale Fort at Mutt Meadow! The other one had got a little worn over time so we got rid of that and replaced it. There are up to 3 levels and a tunnel with lots to jump on, sniff and run through. The dogs love it already!

Upping the Pack's Pace

I've bought my bicycle to Mutt Meadow! I cycle around the field for some of the time, when the dogs are with me during Pack Playtime. I've found doing this has encouraged some of the dogs to follow me, trotting along side me or behind me, giving them that little bit of extra exercise if they wish. I walk round Mutt Meadow constantly when with the dogs and some of them follow me which is great so I though why not do this but get them running instead of walking for some of the time. I want this to only be a positive experience so if there is any barking, chasing or negative behaviour I'll stop immediately. Equally if a dog is scared of bikes or cyclist I won't ride when I have them at Mutt Mea

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