About Me

How it all started:

I started Companion Pet Care Services fueled with the drive to help people, work with animals, enjoy the beautiful countryside and to manage my own successful business. My family and friends have supported and believed in me all the way with 100% faith in my capabilities. So here I am.

Being brought up in the countryside and having studied Animal Management in at Easton College in Norfolk, I've always had a passion for animal welfare. I enjoy being out and about and being 'hands on' working closely with animals.  This coupled with my commerical work experience has allowed me to work with people on both a technical and professional level. 

I have had pets in the family every since I can remember, so it comes naturally to me understanding how important our loved ones are to us.  

Gemma Saunders Pop-In Service
Gemma Saunders Pack Playtime
Gemma Saunders Dog Walking
Gemma Saunders Pet Sitting

My Services:

I offer Pet Sitting/House Sitting & Dog Walking, Pack Playtime, Pop-In Service and Pet Taxi 


I have over 15 years experience working with animals. This being within voluntary and paid roles such as Assistant Zoo Keeper, Assistant Vet Nurse, Cattery Assistant, Falconer, Animal Carer, Pest Control Technician, Animal Care Technician and Veterinary Recruitment Consultant.

I've worked with Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Guinea-Pigs, Ferrets, Farm Animals, Birds, Chinchillas, Mice, Hamsters, Gerbils, Rats, Degus, Fish, Snakes, Turtles, Birds, Bearded Dragons, Insects, Lizards, Hedgehogs, Skunks, Foxes, Meerkats and Birds of Prey to name a few.

My friends and work colleagues say I am a friendly, honest, reliable, professional who has a real passion for animal care.

Memberships & Benefits & Insurance:

  • I'm a Member of NarpsUk (National Association of Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers)

  • I also hold a Full Clean Driving Licence

  • I have access to a 24hour ‘NarpsUK Vet Advice Line’ allowing me access to a Vet Nurse for emergency advice.

  • And I have Pet Business Insurance.

  • I am DBS Checked (Criminal Record Checked) with no convictions.

  • We use a state of the art Invoicing and scheduling online software called Time To Pet.

  • You can easily book appointments with our Calendly App.

Areas Covered and The Woof Wagon:

  • I cover St Ives and Hemingford Grey. 

  • My van has Air Conditioning at the front, Tinted Windows, Side Windows and 12 Volt Dog Crate Fans along with Full Air Conditioning throughout the back to keep the dogs cool while in transit during the Summer months. I also have the dogs sitting on cooling mats. It has been fitted with dog crates lined with comfy VetBed and dogs are dried off with super absorbent and soft Microfibre towels. I have a stepper and ramp for those dogs that may need help getting in and out the van too.

  • The dogs also get to enjoy travel treats while in transit such a stuffed kongs, nylon bones, snuffle mats, lickie mats, puzzle treat dispensers.

cropped van.jpg


  • I hold a BTEC National Diploma in Animal Management at Easton College - Some of my modules covered: Animal Health, Practical Animal Handling and Husbandry, Animal Behaviour, Breed Development and Welfare, Aquatics Management, Management of Exotics, Care and Welfare of Farm Livestock, Dog training, Dog Grooming, Animal First Aid and Animal Biology.

  • I hold an ABC Level 2 Certificate in Small Animal Care - Some of my modules covered: Nutrition and Feeding of Dogs and Cats, Animal First Aid and Small Animal Care.

  • I have a Level 3 in Understanding and Working with Canine Behaviour: Learning, Motivation, Reinforcement Certificate with IMDT (The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers)

  • A Certificate of completion of The Canine Body Language seminar by the Dog Training College.

  • I have completed my Level 2 and 3 Diploma in Animal Science and Technology - Some of the modules covered: Biological Science, Physical Sciences, Routine Care of Aniimals, Ethics, Laws and Euthanasia, Breeding and Feeding, Animal Husbandry and Health, Animal Welfare, Animal Cell Biology, Disease Control and Animal Physiology.

  • I hold a NarpsUK and Lantra Approved Certificate in Pet Sitting & Dog Walking. Covering modules such as Animal Healthcare, Animal First Aid, Nutrition, Grooming, Animal Law and Regulations, Forms and Contract and Governing your Business with Honourable Standards.

  • I've completed an Animals Jobs Direct Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Practical Certificate.

  • I've completed a Basic Falconry Course, as well as volunteered for 2 years within a Bird of Prey Centre, caring for and flying a variety of Birds of Prey such as Owls, Hawks, Vultures and Falcons. I've also cared for my own two beautiful Harris Hawks who I raised and trained.

  • Currently learning dog training skills such as play, focus, building a relationship with your dog and generally understanding canine learning. All using positive  game-based techniques. It's an online course with the Absolute Dogs Training Academy and involves watching weekly live streams and Q&A sessions, access to a library of videos, books, podcasts, DVDs and Facebook group chat.

My Code Of Ethics:

  • I will always endeavour to provide a professional, ethical business which is governed by honourable standards.

  • I will provide conscientious care for the pets intrusted to me at all times and to place their welfare above all other business considerations.

  • I understand that the pet’s welfare, health and safety is paramount and to work with integrity at all times.

  • I understand that it is my obligation to my clients and be honest & transparent.

  • I will respect the confidence of every customer served and treat my clients in a courteous manner.

  • I will avoid misrepresentation of my services.

  • I will learn more about my profession and improve my services when the opportunity arises.

  • I will avoid unfair competitive practices, any slander or defamation of my competitors, and actions or business practices which would result in dishonour upon or distrust of my competitors or of the pet care services industry in general.

  • I will obey all applicable animal law and pet sitting legislation and local laws governing animal care and welfare and business practices. Thereby reflecting honour upon the pet care services industry within my local community.

  • I will take every precautions to enable the health and safety of all animals under my care.

  • I will treat all customers information with the strictest of confidentially at all times.

  • I will encourage responsible pet ownership, and promote an increased awareness and acceptance of humane and noble animal protection programs.








Gemma Saunders
Companion Pet Care Services
Edinburgh Drive
St Ives
PE27 3DB
E / companionpetcareservices@gmail.com
T / 07758703767 or 01480504005
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