Our specialism is Group Play for Dogs and Premium Cat Care. We are experienced and knowledgeable in dog socialisation, enrichment and exercise. We also pride ourselves in our thorough cat visits.


Gemma started this business 5 years ago and it’s just gone from strength to strength. Driven by her passion for animals and customer care, the business has grown quickly where we now enjoy our private field, a team of 3 and our unique Cat Membership, Pet siting Packages and Personalised Pup Playdates.


Time to Pet:

  • We use a state of the art Invoicing and Scheduling online software called Time To Pet.

  • For our current customers:

  • Here is your client portal link into Time To Pet Invoicing and Scheduling Software:


  • Here you can:

  • Request services

  • Check their scheduled Pop-In Visits, Dog Walking, Pet Sitting or Pup Playdates.

  • Make cancellations and reschedule.

  • Send us messages via email or text.

  • Update your pet info including emergency contact and Veterinary details.

  • See your 'Meet & Greet' Information Pack documents such as Booking Form and Service Agreement.

  • View and make payments through the Client Portal using WePay.

  • Invoices are linked to scheduled service carried out and automatically will be invoiced monthly.

  • You can click a button within your profile section under invoicing to allow us to collect payment straight from your bank account upon invoicing should you wish.

  • It's all mobile friendly.

  • We will send you photo and video updates on your pet during our service with them, it will get sent straight to your profile page and you’ll get notified via email.

  • It’s a great way to track payment and our conversations.

My Code of Ethics: 

  • I will always endeavour to provide a professional, ethical business which is governed by honourable standards.

  • I will provide conscientious care for the pets intrusted to me at all times and to place their welfare above all other business considerations.

  • I understand that the pet’s welfare, health and safety is paramount and to work with integrity at all times.

  • I understand that it is my obligation to my clients and be honest & transparent.

  • I will respect the confidence of every customer served and treat my clients in a courteous manner.

  • I will avoid misrepresentation of my services.

  • I will learn more about my profession and improve my services when the opportunity arises.

  • I will avoid unfair competitive practices, any slander or defamation of my competitors, and actions or business practices which would result in dishonour upon or distrust of my competitors or of the pet care services industry in general.

  • I will obey all applicable animal law and pet sitting legislation and local laws governing animal care and welfare and business practices. Thereby reflecting honour upon the pet care services industry within my local community.

  • I will take every precautions to enable the health and safety of all animals under my care.

  • I will treat all customers information with the strictest of confidentially at all times.

  • I will encourage responsible pet ownership, and promote an increased awareness and acceptance of humane and noble animal protection programs.