Our Pup Playdates host:

  • Pack Member Enrolment (The Meet & Greet, My Dogs First Pup Playdate and The Settling In Period/My Pup Playdates Schedule) & Official Pack Member Certificate and local Pet Related Discounts and offers!

  • Pup Playdate Experience (Including dedicated Sniff & Search, Interactive Play and plenty of Fuss and Attention) at our secure field Mutt Meadow.

  • A guaranteed small group of dogs in our playdates where we’ve carefully mixed and matched your dog’s play style, energy levels and personality to ensure an enjoyable playdate and lasting friendships are built.

  • Free Pick up and Drop off in our Woof Wagon

  • Towel Drying

  • Facebook Page – a great place to see your dogs in action enjoying themselves during their Playdate.  

  • Travel Treats

  • Good Doggie Manners - We will reinforce good dog manners such as: asking to wait and sit before crossing the road, wait and sit before entering and exiting the van, no jumping up at people, keeping still when being towel dried.

  • Pupdates - Photos and/or videos of your dog enjoying themselves sent straight to your Time To Pet portal notifying you by email.

You get all this for just £15 a Pup Playdate.

Create your own dog’s weekly playdate:

  1. We’re already over the moon to have your dog join us for Playdates. Make their sessions that bit more special by adding one or more of the below Premium Add-on Services.

  2. Pick an Add-On Service.

  3. Pick the day of the week you’d like us to carry out the service. (The Wash service is a ‘As and when’ service)

Premium Add-ons:

  • Your Dog’s Basic Training and Tricks - £3 - We will reinforce some basic commands your dog has learnt by practicing them with your dog. Such as Sit, Recall: Here/Come, Wait, Down, Drop it, Heel, Leave it, Paw, Spin, Beg, Roll Over etc whatever you specify. A great way to keep on top of those established cues to maintain a reliable behaviour.

  • Premium Treats - £1 - We pack a couple of our delicious premium treats in a bag and give to you or leave on the side for you to treat your dog. The Premium treats are 100% meat. They are also grain and gluten free.

  • Dental Chew - £1 - We give a good quality dental chew in a bag and give to you or leave on the side for you to treat your dog. The Dental chew is a great way to keep on top of your dog’s gum and teeth health.

  • Brush and Sprits - £2.50 - We give your dog a quick brush down to get rid of any moult and shed and to tidy them up a bit. It’s also a well-deserved pamper after all that playing! Giving your dog a few puffs dog perfume/cologne before going home. Our spritz contains camomile extracts which help to sooth the skin plus the spray will leave your dog smelling gorgeous!

  • Wash - £3 - If your dog gets muddy we will be using warm water and quality gorgeous smelling dog shampoo mixed in our portable washers to give your dog a quick wash down to wash off any mud or dirt Followed by giving a good towel dry with our super absorbent microfiber towels. Your dog is guaranteed to come home clean. This service is carried out as a ‘as and when needed’ service. Only to be carried out when the dog gets muddy. And so is invoiced that the end of the month.

Added Perks!

Members also get:


  • Quarterly Facebook Live Q & A session on Dog Training and Behaviour

  • Exclusive Weekend Adventure Trips

  • Free Pet Taxi within Huntingdonshire

  • Local Pet Related Discounts exclusive to our Pup Playdate Members to use over and over again

  • Loyalty rewards and gifts for those special occasions

  • Monthly Newsletter - The Paw Post

  • Able to Hire Mutt Meadow for just £5 per hour per household of dog. Plus exclusive access to our caravan with toilet facilities and refreshments 

  • Coming soon... Sensory soft play area with ball pit and lavender plants


Adventure Trips


Exclusive to our Pup Playdate clients only.

Every now and then (once a month or so) we’ll run an Adventure Trip for the dogs on a weekend day. This is where we’ll take a small group of dogs for a doggie day out to somewhere different for their very own adventure.

  • We travel up to around an hour away to the places like the beach, the woods, the lakes etc.

  • We collect your dog between 10am-10:30am and drop off around 2:30pm-3pm

  • They spend the day with us running around, playing and exploring

  • On their return we will ensure they receive a few of our Premium Add-On Services to include Wash, Brush and Spritz, so they come home dry and clean

  • We also leave you with a Themed Treat Bag full of a few natural animal chews for your dog to settle down with after a fun filled day out.

   Price:  £50 per dog
(additional dog of the same household is an extra £25)




Keep a look out on our Facebook Events

page to book your space:


Woodland adventure trip.jpg


Exclusive Discounts and Offers:

Working closely with fellow small pet business owners we're gathered a host of awesome discounts for you and your dog to enjoy,:

  • The Filthy to Fluffy Offer available - At Canine Central Grooming Parlour your dog will be pampered with a wash, blow dry, brush and nail trim to all at a discounted rate! Free drop off to the Grooming Salon after your dog’s Playdate and drop off to your home beautifully clean.

  • £5 off your first £45 1-1 Dog Training consultation with Chris Rea at Stay Positive Dog Trainer and Behaviourist. Exclusive to our customers. 

  • 10% off your total Pet Sitting bill when using our Pet Sitting service

  • 10% off your meal when you bring your dog to B's Dog Friendly Café in King’s Hedges, St Ives – Your dog will also be gifted with a warmed up cream with dog biscuits in a take away coffee cup. 

  • 10% off Handmade Snuffle mats by Local Pet Care Professional JK Pet Care. 

  • Free Shipping on orders from Pet Smells Be Gone.

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"I would recommend Pack Playtime to anyone wanting to give their dog more exercise or increase their socialisation with other dogs. Betty, our Golden Retriever, has been going to a couple of sessions a week for over a year now and absolutely loves it. She gets so excited when Gemma turns up and can’t wait to jump in the van. Gemma is very knowledgeable and really cares about each dog and spends a lot of effort getting to know them and gaining their trust. She always sends photos and videos of each session which is lovely. It is reasonably priced and is a great and unique service." 


"My two dogs love their weekly pack and play with Gemma! They come home so happy! Gemma does a great job taking pictures and videos of them. I always say they are living their best life when I see the photos. She also baby-sat my dogs for a few days in my home. She sent daily photos keeping me up-to-date. It is such a relief to leave my dogs with Someone so trustworthy. I highly recommend Companion Pet Care Services for all your pet needs!"