The Community Project Fund Raising:

I'd like to raise funds for your very own Hill Rise Dog Park! We're working closely with Huntingdonshire District Council who maintain Hill Rise Dog Park. HDC are very keen on improving the Dog Park too. Any money raised will go straight into working on getting Hill Rise Dog Park an actually effective Dog Park!


Hill Rise Dog Park is very close to my heart as this is where I used to go very regularly (and still do) when walking my customers dogs. And although it's a great place to walk your dog, there are a few concerns especially when letting your dog off lead. For example there's no fence to stop your dog running onto the busy road or off onto the farmers field It's not secure or enclosed. The wire fencing has gaps in it so small or medium sized dogs can pass through, making it easy for your dog to escape. Not helpful if you're trying to train your dog to come back to you or not to run off.


Your opinion:


So I've suggested we can make a number of improvements such as improving the fencing, adding more gates/double gates, sandpit, putting in a water station, a pond for the dogs to paddle in, more poo bins, agility equipment, a toy box for tennis balls and footballs, benches, dry area for towel drying your dog, improved wire fencing, natural parkour climbing frames and tunnels for example. Give us your thoughts? Please message us, email us, call us, facebook message us :)




 If you'd like to donate you can via the donation box at the event or via my online JustGiving account: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/hillrisedogwalkies


Getting things started:


Huntingdonshire District Council have approved our grant application and have generously put just over £3211.44 to repairing the fencing. Working with St Neots Fencing they have removed old slats and replaced them new ones and tied up any loose or broken wire. They have also replaced posts and gate posts, rails and used galvanised weld fencing. A well needed spruce up.


We're now working on getting it fully enclosed with brand new wiring which has smaller gaps and ensuring a break proof perimeter.


What we’ve raised so far:

We've also so far raised around £1,400 through our events and donations:


  • Canine Central Grooming Palour Dog Wash Event – £280 raised

  • Our Quiz & Raffle event at The Haywain Pub – £425 raised


  • Hill Rise Dog Walkies Events - £94.28 raised

  • We receive £333 from Waitrose




And of course from just generous donations from good will of the public donating through our Just Giving Page. – £299 raised.

Visit our page: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/hillrisedogwalkies

We plan on doing many more fundraising events such as The Coffee, Cake, Playdate, Doggie Car Boot Sales, Canicross Runs/Walks, Dog Shows, having a Stand at our St Ives Carnival, to name just a few. We’ll even be running a School kids Logo Competition to get a logo draw to represent our Community Project!

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