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Facebook Live Q & A on Dog Behaviour and Training


Join me Gemma Saunders and Chris Rea on Facebook Live from the comfort of your own sofa, Monday 1st February at 7pm, where we'll be discussing dog related topics and answers any questions you have on canine behaviour and training.  

We aim for the session to be around 30mins long but this may be a tad longer.


The Facebook live will be on the Companion Pet Care Services page: 


If you have questions please write a post on this event or email them to and we'll try to get them answered during the Live Q&A session, if we don't get round to it during this session we'll endeavour to cover it in our next session. Also please feel free to ask us questions while we are Live. 

We plan on doing one of these every 3 months.


When asking a question please give as much information as possible. Such as mentioning breed, age, specific behaviours pre, during and post the incident, male or female, castrated or not, your dogs normal personality, the environment, how at the time you are feeling, if you've seeked professional advice before, how long the problem has been going on for, change in daily routine such as building work being done, new family member, you're home more, you're home less, new pet joined the family, change in diet etc. Please also feel free to ask any question. It doesn't particularly have to be an issue, it can just be a curious question.



Local lad Chris Rea is a highly qualified dog behaviourist and trainer focusing on Emotion, Mood and Reinforcement Assessment training and dog well-being. He has a level 4 in Companion Animal Behaviour and achieved a qualification through COAPE (Centre of Applied Pet Ethology). He's a registered CAPBT Behaviourist (COAPE's Association of Pet Behaviourists and Trainers) too!

He works at the reputable Wood Green Animal Shelter as a Team Leader for the Behavioural Assessment Team. You may also of seen him from Channel 4 TV Series The Dog House.

He also runs his own business StayPositive, offering 121 dog training, pre and post dog adoption consultations and giving behavioural advice on dogs and puppies alike.

He's been working daily with dog training and behaviour for the last 8 years including helping me and my customers. 

He's also raising money for The Wood Green charity by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro next year: Please feel free to donate to this challenge.

His website:


I'm Gemma, I run Companion Pet Care Services and have been working with animals in paid and voluntary roles for the last 15 years or so such as Cattery Assistant, Animal Carer, Animal Technician. Zoo Keeper Assistant, Falconer, Veterinary Recruitment Consultant to name a few. I also have various training and qualifications in animal care and dog behaviour. For more info on me please see The Team section on our website.

I also am the founder of the Hill Rise Dog Park community project Fundraiser. Please visit this link for more info:

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