Mutt Meadow is brilliant alternative to lead walking and is especially useful for dogs with not so great recall, dogs with very high energy levels who need that energy burning off and for socialising your dog with other dogs in a safe environment. This is where we have our Pup Playdates.

Our 1 acre field is fenced in and fully secure with a pad locked gate. This field is packed with enrichment such as paddling pools, agility poles, climbing frame, steps and hoop, shelter, big tubes, tyre mound, tyre tunnel, fresh tap water, jumps, planks and plenty of trees and shrubs to explore in and a big bucket of toys to play with. 

This is great for dogs who love to play and chase each other, have a good run around, explore and sniff. I also play tug, chase, 'go find it' and fetch with the dogs. During our Pup Playdates we endeavour to encourage Sniff & Search, have Interactive Play and practice Good Doggie Manners with the dogs.

For more info on our field call: 01480504005 or email

Check out our Facebook page to see the dogs in action at the Mutt Meadow during Pup Playdates:

Field Hire:

We also hire the field out to customers and the general public who want to exercise their dog(s), play or use for training in a securely fenced in area in St Ives, Cambridgeshire.

Price: £7 for a 1 hour session at the field for 1 dog (Additional £2.5 per extra dog)

Booking: For more info and to book please email: or call Gemma Saunders on 01480504005

Payment: We ask that you kindly pay in advance (at least 3 days before you booked slot). We will need your full name, dog(s) name and email address. You will receive a welcome email from Time To Pet (our scheduling and invoicing software). Here you create an account and login in. This client portal allows you to see when you’re booked in, you can also cancel and request field hire too. You will receive an emailed invoice at the beginning of the month you would like to hire the field for during that month. You simply login to your account and under the payments section you can enter in your bank details just like PayPal and make payment like this, the system we use is called WePay.

Getting in: We will give you the 4 digit key code for the padlock on the fence to get into the field. This code changes regularly and will be given to you prior to your booked slot. Please lock the gate when you leave.

Additional Information:

  • Upon booking we will give you the padlock code or key (which is changed regularly) and the postal address.

  • There is parking for two cars in the field but you can also park on London road.

  • Please lock the field after use.

  • Please pick up your dog poo.

  • Leave the field in the same state in which you found it.

  • This is a privately owned field surrounded by houses. Please respect the local residence and keep noise levels low. (no excessive barking or shouting)

  • Group bookings and Doggie Birthday Parties welcome.

  • On site: Seating. Fresh water tap. Shelter and shade in the form of an old stables. Poo bin. Dog water bowls, balls, soft toys, tug ropes.

  • Great for practising recall, fetch and obedience training in a safe area. Also great for just a bit of fun: a run around, play and agility, parkour, digging, paddling fun. Lots of places to hide treats and rummage around in the bushes.

  • Available 7 days a week. Before 9:30am and after 2:30pm Monday to Friday. Anytime Saturday and Sunday. Subject to availability.

  • Please do not let them climb on any equipment, fence, gate or seating.

  • The first time you book to use the field and are unfamiliar with the field Gemma Saunders will arrange to meet you there to show you around.

Terms and Conditions:

  • By booking a time slot all clients using the filed agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • The hirer/user agrees to not enter the filed before their timeslot begins and to leave the premises (including the driveway) within their timeslot.

  • All dogs visiting the field must have up to date worming and flea treatment to ensure the protection of others using the field.

  • Payment is to be made 3 days prior the scheduled dated the field is being used.

  • Payment to be made via Time To Pet, cheque, cash or bank transfer.  

  • We reserve the right to close the field at any time. In the event we have to close without notice, any future bookings will be deleted, and the credit returned to you.

  • If you encounter a problem in the field, please call 01480 504005

  • Whether using the field exclusively or whilst attending a group event: It is the responsibility of the hirer/user to ensure that the field are suitable before letting their dog(s) off-lead. Please do a perimeter check before you let dogs off the lead. Companion Pet Care Services accept no liability for escaped dogs.  All dogs should be insured under their owner's public liability insurance.

  • Companion Pet Care Services accept no liability for any damage to property or injury to, or the death of, any person or dog using the field.

  • The  proprietors  accept no liability for any damages, losses, claims, actions, costs/expenses or other liability incurred by the hirer/user when using the field whether using the field exclusively or whilst attending a group event.

  • We specifically ask that you are aware of holes dug by the dogs when in the paddocks. This as well as uneven ground and slippery surfaces.

  • All and any equipment belongs to the Companion Pet Care Services must not be removed from the field by the hirer/user.

  • The gate code will be changed regularly. The code and/or key will be sent to you prior to your appointment. Hirers/users must not give the gate code to anyone else or leave the gate unlocked for another user.

  • The proprietors reserve the right to ask any user to leave the field at anytime for any reason.

  • The user agrees they will not leave any dog unattended in the field. If bringing multiple dogs or needing to return to your vehicle during the visit, your dog(s) must be supervised by another adult.

  • The hirer/user agrees to ensure the field and surrounding areas are left in a tidy condition by agreeing to clear up after their dog/s and themselves by placing deposits and litter in a bin provided or taking by it home.

  • .BBQ's and fires are not permitted on the field, please ensure cigarettes are completely extinguished and put in the bin, not left on the ground or shelter floor.

  • The hirer/user agrees not to enter the field with or without their dog(s) whilst the field is occupied by any other persons unless permission is given by that person. If the paddock is occupied during your timeslot, please check your booking time or call Gemma Saunders on 01480504005 or email for assistance. Do not open the gate and enter the paddock-there may be a reactive dog present.

  • Do not damage, or allow your dogs or other people with you to damage, any of the trees, shrubs, seating, tyres or shelter in the field.

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