Mutt Meadow


I hire a securely fenced in field with a pad locked gate. It has paddling pools, agility poles, climbing frame, steps and hoop, an old stable, big tubes, tyres, tyre tunnel, trees, shrubs, old straw bales and log pile, fresh tap water, water bowls and trough, there is a gravel section to park cars which is great for reducing the mud in winter and aids in keeping your dogs claws short, a tracker tyre steps, a garden hose for lightly spraying the dogs if it gets too hot and if they like it (also great to play with the spray) and also for filling up paddling pools and a big bucket of toys to play with. This is great for dogs who love to play and chase each other, have a good run around, explore and sniff what's about. I also play tug of war, chase, 'go find it' and fetch with the dogs. It's lovely having access to fresh water and shelter should we need it. Mutt meadow also has a Portaloo should you like to join me and get caught short.


Why I use the field and a bit about Pack Playtime:

Mutt Meadow is where I run my Pack Playtime service and hold The Coffee, Cake, Playdate events. It's a brilliant alternative to lead walking and is especially useful for dogs who's recall isn't so great, dogs with very high energy levels who need that energy burning off, dogs who pull on the lead and for socialising your dog with other dogs in a safe environment. Its great if your out at work all day and what your dog to get some fresh air and stretch his/her legs, have a toilet break and improve their social skills. For Pack Playtime I get to the field for the first Pack Playtime session at 10:20am (Monday to Friday), stay there an hour for play, then get all the dogs back in the van to drop them off back home. I then pick up the second pack of dogs and arrive at the field around 1pm and stay for an hour for play and then again, I drop them off safely at their owners home. 


I charge £12 an hour per dog (an additional dog from the same home is just £5 extra) for Pack Playtime.

Please see Pack Playtime service for more info.


I charge time and a half for Bank Holidays. For example Pack Playtime will be £16.50.

All prices are set as a guideline and are subject to change or alternations. Such alternations may incur due to (but not limited to) location of service, number of pets, weekend and bank holiday service, amount or variety of service carried out in one visit etc.









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