What caused the Diarrhoea?

Just a note i found interesting.

Whilest pet sitting i've had a lovely dog unfortunately have a bout of diarrhoea. I asked the owner if her dog had eaten anything unusal or wasn't himself when she left for her holiday. She had mention that she gave him his worming tablets the week before and had completely forgot that he gets a sensitive stomach after taking it. Thank godness we knew what was causing it. However she did also mentioned that his stolls are usual fairly soft anyway when he's all fit and healthy. I have him some holistic tablets and a

binding agent as instructed, before long he was back to normal.

This got me thinking. I shall be asking more thorough questions during my Pre-Consultation meeting. Every dog is different, some may naturally have harder of softer stolls than others and this episode perhaps wasn't as bad as I had thought. However it's always best to be over caution than not.