Huntingdon Hounds meet Mutt Meadow

My usual routine of Dog Pack Playtime took a lovely different direction today.

I picked up my customers dogs and drove them to Mutt Meadow like normal to have a good run around and pay. However today I had a arranged with a fairly new customer of mine who lives in Huntingdon, to bring her 3 gorgeous dogs to Mutt Meadow.

When she arrived at 11am, she parked her car outside the gate and after greeting her we got her dogs into the paddock, where the whole pack her calmly introduced. She let them off the lead so they could all run around and play. And they Did!

Me and my customer both supervised the dogs, threw balls, frisbees and toys for the dogs whilst having a good chat while walking round the field and taking photos of their fun antics.

My customer walks her dogs daily during lunchtime in the Huntingdon area and sometimes St Ives. I would often bump into her whle walking the dogs and we would have a chat. She would always have her black and white Pointer Sklyer on the lead. She was looking for a secure, safe, fenced in field to let her dog Skyler off the lead to get some good exercise. Skyler's recall isn't great so she would normally never let her off the lead in the local park.

I explained to her one day that i offer Pack Playtime service and I invited her to Mutt Meadow where Skyler can be off the lead and stretch her legs. This also gives her dogs the chance to socilaise with the other dogs in the pack. Knowing that the other dogs are friendly and supervised by me is a weight lifted off her shoulders. After two successful Pack Playtime sessions, I look forward to seeing Skyler, Otto and Ellse again next week.