Always Have A Back Up Plan

I always say it's better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to a living creature that relys on you.

Now although your Dog Walker or Pet Sitter will do their best to be reliable, work consistant days and hours, find alternative care if they are unable to work and will give you enough notice when having time off work there may be the odd day where things may not turn out how we'd all like. I'd like to advise all my customers to have these two options in place when leaving their pet at home and having a dog walker or pet sitter to come in to take care of your pet.

1. Have an emergency contact. There may be a day when your Dog Walker/Pet Sitter is unable to visit your pet, notifying you at very short notice. This may be due to illness, holiday, compassionate leave, or injury for example. So it would be a good idea to have a friend, neightbour or family member to be able to pop in at short notice to ensure your pet can be let out for a toilet break, have a walk or to be fed etc. If your work can be flexible to allow you to come home briefly or have a half day at short notice for example, this would be another good option. I would also highly recommend having another Dog Walker/Pet Sitter you are registered with and in contact with incase of emergencies. I certainly help out doing the odd Dog Walk and Pet Sitting when the other Dog Walker is on holiday, it'a a good relationship I have with the owner and the other dDg Walker and that way you've covered all your bases.

2. Have another enterance option. It will be sods law but you may have the time when your Dog Walker's key no longer works in your front door, you may of got the lock changed and forgot to get a new key cut, a change in tempertaure may make the door swell, making it stiff, you could of just got a new key cut (sometimes they don't work if they are freshly cut) or you may of forgot to take the key out the back door from the inside so blocking the key hole, leaving it abit tricky to get in. It happens to the best of us. So it would be an idea to have another option of getting in which could be discussed in confidence with your trusted Dog Walker/Pet Sitter. For example you could hide a spare key to the back or front door somewhere in the garden like under a pot or rock. There may be a certain technqiue to get the key in the lock like jiggling it about abit while pulling towards you and lifting up the handle, you could explain to your Dog Walker/Pet Sitter, your neighbour may have a spare key which would work, or even explaining a way to jump the fence to get into the garden and through the back.

Just remeber you can never be too prepared!