A Helping Hand

As many of you already know, my Husband Nathan helps me out on the odd occassion with Dog walking, Dog Sitting and Pop-In Service. With this in mind I thought I'd shed abit more light on the matter.

So abit about Nathan Saunders:

  • Lives with me in St Ives

  • IT Project Manager

  • Aged 31

  • We've been married nearly 2 and a half years

  • A real Pet Person and loves all animals

  • Has been bought up with family cats

  • He's been helping me out with the animals since I started the business in Feb 2016

  • Clean Driving Licence

  • Fully Insured (Pet Business Insurance)

  • Laid back, funny, careful, reliable, repsectful and caring

More often or not Nathan will just keep me company while I work on the odd occassion, such as evenings and weekends. Helping me to do the odd tasks like top up water bowls or fuss your pet, or leash walk one of the two dogs alongside me.

Over the last year and a half he has become very trustworthy and experienced in working on his own. When I ask Nathan to cover for me it will be becasue I'm tied up elsewhere and there is no other possible way of me doing the work.

When carrying out the service I always ensure he is fully equiped to do the job properly:

  • Having the necessary paperwork, keys, notes, tools for the job, Customer File: booking form, vet form, key form, etc.

  • I only get him doing tasks that he has already done before and what he is happy and confident doing. Only tasks he has done with me bfore so i've shown him what to do.

  • I always go through exactly what is to be done, in great detail, following mine and the customers instructions.

  • He always has access to my mobile number for any advice he may require.

  • Nathan and any other person such as a friend is noted under my Policies and Procedures (which is signed by the owner upon accepting my services) as the Service Provider's (me) Companion.

  • Nathan work will at no extra cost.

  • Nathan will also only carry out work on his own if I deem it safe and he can carry ithe duties out correctly with care. If he is Ill or uncapible I certainly won't allow him to work. For example if I feel he wouldn't beable to confidently cope with handling a larger more boystrus dog, or has the Flu I wouldn't allow him to work.

Providing the best service is very important to me so I can confidently say Nathan is a natural with animals and is a real asset to Companion Pet Care Services.