The Coffee, Cake, Playdate

What a fantastic turnout we had this Saturday just gone!

I've recently decided to do a monthly regular Pack Playtime on Saturday mornings at Mutt Meadow in St Ives. I call it "The Coiffee, Cake, Playdate".

It's a chance to let your dog off the lead in a secure field with lots of other dogs to play with, whilst also getting a chance to enjoy a natter with a fellow dog lover and to have nice brew too. There's plently do with dog toys and balls, an agility course, sandpit, straw fort, paddling pool etc. A great opportunity for dogs to play with their owners and socilaise with other dogs. There is also fresh tap water and dog bowls for those hot days and a stables for shelter for those rainy days. And lets not forget there will be cake and biscuits, tea and coffee for everyone enjoy.

It's open to the public, anyone can come. It's just £5 per dog which includes freshments.

Mutt Meadow is located down a long driveway/small lane either side of number 26 & 2 on London Road, St Ives. Parking is available on London road and you can walk down to the field.

Keep an eye on my Companion Pet Care Services Facebook page to see when the next event is!