Radio Cambridge Gets Me Thinking...

I had a lovely surprise yesterday, I got asked to have a chat on BCC Radio Cambridge in the morning regarding a hot topic of "Is dog walking good for you?". They had a few conversations with dog owners but also wanted to have a chat with me from a professional side of things. I was over the moon!

Once on the radio I had a lovely chat with Dotty the Radio Presenter We talked about how dog walking is good for your health in respects of keeping fit. How it's great for your dog to burn off some energy and socilaise with other dogs. And how it's a great chance to bump into new people and make friends.

This got me thinking. The topic of dogs being good for your health is actually something I feel quite passionately about, particulary how it can help peoples mental health.

Having a dog is a great way to get out and about, especially if your feeling abit low or lonely. For example your dog needs a walk, come rain or shine and so come rain or shine you get outside, in the fresh air and take your best friend for a good long peaceful walk. When your out walking your dog you often meet other like minded dog owners. You can laugh and chat about the highs and sometimes chanllenges that come with owning a dog. Sometimes a friendly chat with a stranger or friend can really lift your spirits. It can also be a nice pick me up to see your dog playing with other dogs, theres something about dogs playing with each other that certainly puts a smile on my face. Nice experiences like this can make a real change in a persons mood and give you a real sense of community.

For this reason and many more, I like to take an active role in the dog community. I host a facebook page for dog walking professionals where we provide support for each other. I run a monthly Coffee, Cake, Playdate event on Saturdays where the public bring their dogs to my field, the dogs socialise and so do the owners. And I also like to take part in charity events like this Bank Holiday Monday's Fun Dog Show run by Canine Central Grooming Palour at Warners Park in St Ives.

Mans best friend. In so many more ways than one.