Pack Member Of The Month

Our Pack Member of the Month this month is Pebbles!

She has come such a long way.

She is a lively, playful Jack Russel but she was abit shy at first around new dogs. She's quick to learn and loves to play fetch! be it not so keen on sharing the ball all the time. She is social with other dogs but more of a people dog and has not been used to mingling with a group of 9 dogs at one time. Sometimes it may be abit much if a dog wanted to play so she would give a little warning and often chill and do her thing sniffing and mooching about.

I had the pleasure of taking her on in January at the beginning of the year for ,4 times a week for Pack Playtime.

Since having her join us for 6 months now, me and the owners have seen a huge improvement in her being more comfortable around other dogs. She now imitates play and loves to chase other dogs and be chased. She is sharing the ball more and is generally Queen of the group getting involved in playing with all the dogs and making the most of the paddling pool, climbing frame and sandpit. She's made close friends with a Irish Setter and Border Terrier to name a couple and the owners have told me she barks less when seeing other dogs when on the lead. Super proud of her and pleased to call her one of Pack.