Hillrise Dog Walkies

I’d like to welcome you and your dog(s) to come along to Hillrise Dog Walkies. A free a relaxed dog walk and dog play, followed by free tea/coffee and cake after. This event is held once a month on a Saturday from 10am to 11:30am. The dates vary every month. This is open to the public and is a free event held by myself Gemma Saunders. The first event is on Saturday 23rd November starting at 10am. This is a social regular event for dog owners/dog walkers in the area. It's a chance for you and your dogs to socialise and get some exercise in your local dog park. A great opportunity to relax and have a good time, dogs and humans alike. This is a free event and everyone is welcome, dog owners and non dog owners. The event will be an hour or so long dog walk, followed by Tea/Coffee/Cake/Biscuits (for Humans) and some Fresh Water/Treats/Doggy Cake (for Dogs) and a casual chat for 30mins if you wish. The Walk: The event will start with everyone who wants to join the walk meeting inside the Hillrise Dog Park by the entrance (but far away enough from the gate to allow other people and dogs through). At this point all dogs are to be on lead. Please arrive at 10am sharp and we will begin the walk at 10:05am. After a few yards of walking down the Dog Park and once all dogs are settled and calm we can then let all the dogs off lead to run around and play. We will walk together as a group at a gentle pace through the dog park, into the woods and out through the outskirts of the hay meadow, around the boarder of The Allotments, along up the barrier of the Dog Park up back to near the woods and back into the Dog Park before returning to the entrance of the Dog Park/car park area where dogs will be asked to be put back on lead. Here we will have a fold out table inside the Dog Park area (away from the entrance, where we gathered at the start), here we will be offering free of charge tea, coffee, herbal tea, squash, decaf tea, water, in polystyrene cups and homemade and shop bought cake and biscuits, chocolates and also some homemade and shop bought dog treats and cake along with some fresh water in dog water bowls. PLEASE READ AS VERY IMPORTANT (REGARDING THE EVENTS): Rules for owners: • Please do not bring any toys or balls to play with your dog during the walk. Some dogs may resource guard. • Please ask the dog’s owner if you want to give their dog a dog treat. Some dogs may resource guard or have a food intolerance. • Please pick up after your dog and use the bins to dispose of your dogs poo. and Please pick up and bin your litter. • Please mind your step. The ground may be uneven or slippery. • Please respect each other and be polite. • Your dog is your responsibility. Please keep an eye on your dog and owners must step in to prevent any heated behaviour before it gets out if hand. This can be putting your dog on lead and allowing them to calm for a minute. • Please walk or exercise your dog before coming to the event, this is so your dog and you can really enjoy the event more allowing your dog to be less hyper and able to learn better. Allowing your dog to be the social butterfly they are. • I understand that on the odd occasion your dog may act out of character or out of the blue and sometimes this just can't be helped. Calmly deal with the situation and let's support each other. • If the weather is wet it will also probably be muddy and wet so please do wear warm clothes and wellies/boots. You will also most likely get jumped up at by dogs and so muddy paw prints may get on your clothes and in summer if wearing shorts you might get the odd scratch from a dog jumping up. Also with the dogs running around having fun they often don't see us two legged humans and have on the odd occasion run straight into us, knocking people over by accident. So bend your knees and keep a look out. • Any children or vulnerable persons must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times and must be good around dogs and other people. Please be aware this is a public open event and you come at your own risk. The Rules regarding dogs: • Dog must be over 9 months old or if not, puppies must be very confident socialising. • All dogs must be fully inoculated. All dogs must be happy around other dogs, well socialised and have no aggressive or anxious behaviours or tendencies around other dogs or humans. This is not a rehabilitation session. • There is absolutely no pestering allowed, no nipping, no biting, no fighting, no reactivity on the lead or off lead, nor excessive humping or constant anxious/aggressive barking. If your dog repeatedly causes distress to other dogs or people in a session and you haven't made a conscious effort to prevent or tend to your dogs behaviour you will be politely asked to leave the group on that day. Please only use short dog leads, no flexi leads or extendable leads. • Often we have homemade fruit cake with raisins in and homemade chocolate cake. Please don't feed the dogs cake or chocolate and be aware not to leave any lying around. We don't want ill dogs. • You are to pick up and bin any litter. Polystyrene cups can be given back to Gemma and Nathan Saunders to dispose of or you should use the bins provided. • Please also be aware this is a public open event so there may be other dog walkers we meet along the way who have not joined the group walk. These people may not be aware of our rules and may have challenging dogs who may be reactive or have aggressive tendencies. Should we meet another dog along our walk which is on lead, everyone is to put their dog on lead immediately due to safely reasons and good dog walking etiquette Photos: Please be aware that I will be taking the odd photo and video of your gorgeous doggos during the event and placing these on social media. If you would not like photos of your dog(s) or yourself taken, please do let me know. Location: This will be held at Hillrise Dog Park, Hill Rise, St Ives, Cambs, PE27 6SP. There is parking available but this may get full in which case there is on road parking nearby down neighboring streets. For updates, how to find Hillrise, the walk, photos, and for more information please view the below discussions and page posts and comments on this Facebook Page. Any questions at all please contact:

Gemma Saunders at Companion Pet Care Services 07758703767

www.companionpetcareservices.com Messager via FB - Companion Pet Care Services www.companionpetcareservices.com companionpetcareservices@gmail.com The following Hillrise Dog Walkies will be on Saturday 21st December 2019, 25th January and 22nd February 2020. During our refreshments at the end of the event I will be leaving out a charity box and JustGiving.com details for anyone who would like to donate a little something to a good cause. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/hillrisedogwalkies The Charity: I'd like to raise funds for is your very own Hillrise Dog Park! I'm working closely with Huntingdonshire District Council who maintain Hillrise Dog Park. HDC are very keen on improving the Dog Park too and would like to make a contribution. Any money raised will go straight into working on getting Hillrise Dog Park an actually effective Dog Park! Hillrise Dog Park is very close to my heart as this is where I used to go very regularly (and still do) when walking my customers dogs. And although it's a great place to walk your dog, there are a few concerns especially when letting your dog off lead. For example there's no fence to stop your dog running onto the busy road or off onto the farmers field It's not secure or enclosed. The wire fencing has gaps in it so small or medium sized dogs can pass through, making it easy for your dog to escape. Not helpful if you're trying to train your dog to come back to you or not to run off. Also these wire fences have caused scratches and bleeding from dogs passing through, catching themselves on the sharp wire ends. There's no source of water for when it's hot and your dog needs a drink. And with hot weather in mind a pool of water might be an idea so your dogs can have a paddle to keep cool. There's no poo in at the other end of the dog park which would be very helpful to have. There's no double gate at the entrance of the dog park making it a bit of risk of dogs darting out into the car park area and road. There's also not much to do at the Park, a bucket of toys and balls may be an option and certainly getting some agility equipment installed would be fun, tunnels, climbing frames, jumps, hoops, poles etc could add a bit of metal stimulus and additional exercise for the dogs. Also an area for dogs to express their natural behaviour of digging, so a sandpit might be welcomed. The Dog Park in winter can also get flooded and extremely muddy so a dedicated area for towel drying your dog and brushing your boots off would be useful. These are just a few things I've come up with and would certainly welcome any suggestions.

So I've suggested we can make a number of improvements such as improving the fencing, adding more gates/double gates, sandpit, putting in a water station, a pond for the dogs to swim in, more poo bins, agility equipment, a toy box for tennis balls and footballs, benches, dry area for towel drying your dog, improved wire fencing, natural parkour climbing frames and tunnels for example. If you'd like to donate you can via the charity box at the event or via my online JustGiving account: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/hillrisedogwalkies


News of my event has spread and we now have a lot of interest in putting Hillrise Dog Park on the map. So much so we will have a donation from Canine Central Dog Grooming Parlour: https://www.facebook.com/caninecentralstives/http://www.caninecentral.co.uk/

And also Huntingdonshire District Council will also make a contribution.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!