Ramping it up

Super excited to announce I now have a brand new Van! It's a Ford Transit Custom Kombi with added side door, air conditioning throughout and two side windows to name a few amazing features. But more about the Van itself in the next blog post.

For now I want to big up my new ramp which has accommodated my new van.

I've bought a PetSafe Solvit Telescopic Pet Ramp, Extra Large, for Large Dogs and is super Durable. It's Ideal for larger heavier dogs, dog which I physically could not lift up myself to put into the crates which sit on top of the ground floor crates. It's so I can have more medium to large dogs join us for Pack Playtime. And also handy for older dogs or those injured with mobility issues, allowing them in and out of the van with less strain on their joints. It's a Telescopic Pet Ramp lightweight and unmatched in portability as the extending ramp can not only be fully adapted to suit the needs of your dog but also shortened for convenient storage. As it is longer and can take more weight it provides a gentler climbing angle, extra walking space and is wider and longer than a standard Dog Ramp.

I shall be using for medium large sized dogs. Dogs the size of trim Labradors, big Spaniels, Small Labradoodles, lean Vizlas, and the like.

There will be training needed however. I plan on getting the dogs used to the ramp slowly and in the dogs own time. Using treats and affection when they step foot on the ramp, lying on the floor at first and then putting it up right leaning at near to 90 degrees angel, using treats, showing them where to go and steadying the dog and encouragement to get them walking up the ramp and down the ramp into and out of the dog crates. Of course some dogs may take to this quicker than others but patience is key and positive experiences is a must. And if just not their thing, then it's just no their thing so no point in stressing your dog out. When deciding whether a dog can happily go up or down a dog ramp into and out of a crate in a van is a very individual process and is to be done with great care and attention.