Hill Rise Dog Park Ongoing Community Project Fundraiser

What a success!

So last weekend we had our very first Hill Rise Dog Walkies event. Just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who came, donated, donated homemade cake, to the Mayor and Mayoress for their support and to everyone who has offered help in organising events, offering their services such as photography, to our volunteers and to our sponsors Canine Central Dog Grooming and Huntingdonshire District Council. Phew!

We made £94.28 from then Hill Rise Dog Walkies event alone and now have a total of £271.28! Amazing as we've just started.

Hill Rise Dog walkies monthly events is just the beginning. I plan on carrying out lots more different fundraiser events such as Canicross Dog Runs, working closely with Canine Central to do Dog Wash events, Dog Shows and I'll be getting in touch with various people to apply for Council grants etc. Any suggestions or help is always welcome.

Our current goal in the improvements to Hill Rise Dog Walking Area is £3,000 to have the fencing worked on. This is basically for replacing posts and gate posts, rails, galvanised weld fencing, cement needed and also includes labour. There is a lot of posts and rails broken or missing.

This is our first goal and once reached we can look at other improvements we'd like done such as adding more gates/double gates, sandpit, putting in a water station, a shallow pond for the dogs to swim in, more poo bins, agility equipment, a toy box for tennis balls and footballs, benches, dry area for towel drying your dog, improved wire fencing, natural parkour climbing frames and tunnels for example.

I will myself be setting up a direct debit to once a month to make a small donation to the cause into our JustGiving.com Treasurer account. If you'd like to make a regular or one off donation please visit:https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/hillrisedogwalkies

Looking forward to putting Hill Rise Dog Park on the map!