The Woof Wagon

So I think a proper introduction is needed.

Welcoming the newest member of Companion Pet Care Services, my new van The Woof Wagon!

After a long wait, she is now here and sign written! I'm so chuffed. she is just a joy to drive and very modern with all the latest gadgets.

My gorgeous van is a Ford Transit Custom Kombi, brand new on a contract hire. She is custom made to order. This means she's one of a kind. I tweaked a few things, making it slighlty different their classic Transit Custom Kombi and to ake it a more efficient Dog Walkers van.

I had added an extra side door (so I can get in both sides)

Two side windows (incase I need to ventilate the van)

Tinted windows (so reduce UV harm and to hide the dogs, this also allows the dogs to see outside too),

It's automatic (more economic and so my hubby can drive it too)

No bulk head (so I can see all the dogs in the back from the front and to allow the front air-con and heating to reach them and allow for better ventilation)

Air-conditioning throughout the van all the way down to the back (to keep the dogs cool in summer)

She is a lot bigger than my last one so I am now able to have bigger crates for all the dogs and can now have a maximum of 11 dogs at once if needed.

I've got a dog ramp to get some of the heavier dogs up in the top crates of the van and a stepper to help some of the smaller or older dogs jump in. These will also both help with their joints, not having to jump in or out.

I've recently had it sign written, so you can all see me coming now :) look out for the purple heart.