Vetbed and Microfibre towels

This time of year is always a nightmare when it comes to keeping your dogs clean after a walk. It's wet, muddy and your dogs just get covered from head to toe. And as funny as it is and we know our fur babies are enjoying themselves rolling around in the mud, it can however be time consuming to get them dry and clean after.

So I've invested in some useful products which will help with this.

I've kitted the van dog crates out with Vebed for your dogs to sit on (instead of towels) after Pack Playtime while transit. Vetbed is made from double woven, double-strength polyester with a high fibre density. It's a super absorbent, fluffy bedding, that's durable, cleans easy, drys quickly and is light weight. It also reduces car sickness in dogs, makes puppies feel comforted and secure, and is soothing on the muscles and joints. It has unique drainage and heat retention proprieties ensuring your dog is cosy, warm and dry (well as much as possible after playing for an our in puddles and mud).

I've also got lots of Microfibre towels to dry your dogs off after Pack Playtime at Mutt Meadow and just before they enter your home. Microfibre towels are amazing. They stay light weight even when wet, they are quick drying, durable and easy to clean. These towel attract mud, sand and dirt yet these don't stick to the towel like they would to normal towels. They are also reply bacteria and don't hold onto any foul odours. But most importantly they are extremely absorbent, absorbing 8 times more water than a normal towel.

With both the Vetbed and Microfibre towels, your dogs should be coming back a lot dryer and cleaner!

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