Time To Pet Invoicing and Scheduling Software

Hi Everyone

I've decided to invest in a scheduling and invoicing software to help me with providing ore detailed professional invoices and detailed scheduling diary. It's called Time To Pet.

I thought it was about time I become more modern and up-to-date whilst still keeping my small business personal touch.

I've invested in this software to help reduce the amount of hours I spend behind the screen so I can spend more time outside doing what I love.

So here are just a few simple and easy features which my customers will be able to make the most of:

Request new services

Check their scheduled Pop-In Visits, Dog Walking, Pet Sitting or Pack Playtime.

Make cancellations and reschedule.

Send me messages via email or text.

Update their pet info.

See your 'Meet & Greet' Information Pack scanned documents.

View and make payments online payments through the Client Portal or App.

Invoices are linked to scheduled service carried out and automatically will be invoiced monthly or weekly to you.

You can click a button within your profile section under invoicing to allow myself to collect payment straight from your bank account upon invoicing should you wish.

It's all mobile friendly.

And there is a Happiness Survey to fill out to give me your feedback.

And this is all through the Client Portal which can be accessed via your mobile phone by the App or on your computer by logging in through your web browser.

Security is important that's why all communication in is done with the same 128 bit level encryption that your bank uses. The data centers are also manned with 24/7 security.

*CUSTOMER* "Do I have to do anything?"


You can just continue paying how you already are and messaging me personally via text, calling me, email or FB messenger for any questions or inquires, should you wish.

If you like you can update any information that may no longer be relevant such as if you got a new phone number or email address.

You can keep tabs on your payments and also click a button to confirm allowing me to take payment myself from your bank account upon invoicing, to completely take the hassle out of paying!

You can decide to pay via WePay through Time To Pet from a link from your invoice or by logging into the App or Portal to make quick payments much like Paypal.

You can keep me informed as to if your dog is ill or if you have a new coat you'd like me to use for your dog for example and this will be updated and saved onto your profile.

I will of course be in touch with all my customers individually about the new software, regarding logging in link and details, my new email format of invoicing etc to make keep everyone informed and up to date should they like to make the most of the new bit of kit.

It's all very new and exciting but there will be lots of initial set up work for me so please do bear with me while I do data input and get familiar with the system.

Thanks in advance everyone for being patient with me and embracing my new found freedom from heaps of admin!