Hill Rise Dog Wash Event

Canine Central Dog Grooming Palour in St Ives are holding a fundraiser event to raise money for our Hill Rise Dog Park Community Project!

On Thursday 13th February they will be doing business as usual except all dog washes will be paid for as a guided donation price (heavily discounted) and all taking of the day will go towards fixing the fencing at the dog walking area! Super generous!

So they are offering to wash, dry, give a light brush and clip your doggies’ nails in return for a small donation to help towards the cause. You can pre book your dogs in, or turn up on the day but this is subject to availability!

These are the minimum donations (but more would be appreciated):

Small - Medium Dog (anything from Chihuahua to Cocker Spaniel size) - £10

Medium - Large Dog (anything from Labrador to German Shephard size - £15

Get your dog booked in now:


Email - bookings@caninecentral.co.uk

Phone - 01480 700996

Facebook - Canine Central Dog Grooming Salon

Or alternatively pop into the salon, we work every Tuesday - Friday and alternate Mondays and Saturdays 9-5