Canine Body Language Seminar

Hi Everyone

I've just completed a 4 hour seminar in Canine Body Language which I wanted to tell you about.

I love Facebook. I got notified of a dog behaviour course that was running near me and I took the chance to sign up and attend. I like to keep my hand in as it were. I love learning and any opportunity to expand my knowledge is always a must.

The evening course was great we learnt a lot. I took home a few new nuggets of information.

But I feel like i'm down playing this abit. Let me explain. This was a CPD Accredited, four hour workshop presented by a qualified Dog Training College instructor, exploring the fascinating world of canine body language.

We covered:

- How dogs communicate. - Why dogs do what they do. - How to change your behaviour to help change a dogs behaviour. - The good, the bad and everything in between. - Recognising and assessing canine body language. - Understanding Play - Detailed Video Analysis. - Q&A

I learnt the most from the Questions and Answers at the end if I'm honest.

I'm now on a bit of a mission to find more seminars and classes on dog related subjects for the Pet Professional.