Transit Treats

I decided to invest in some really cool little toys for the dogs to get involved in during their time spent in my van, getting to Mutt Meadow and back, before and after Pack Playtime.

I've got a nice collection now: Kongs, ball treat dispensers, lickie mats, snuffle mats, snake snack activity toy and I have some yummy treats to go in there too: low salt peanut butter, liver paste, squeezy cheese, sprats, cooked dried liver (homemade) and general dog treats like: Skippers training treats, Bounce and Bella training treats. All grain free, all natural ingredients and all used in moderate.

These toy treat dispensers are great for:

Keeping your dog busy and entertained so reducing boredom.

Soothing and calming your dog and reducing over excitement.

Releasing extra energy and so reducing overall energy levels.

Improves teeth and gum health and promotes fresh breath.

Allows for eating slowly and stimulating saliva which is good for digestion.

Allows your dog to sniff and lick, two behaviours which have relaxing effects and reduces stress.

Only the best for my group :)