Covid-19. Big Thank You, Miss You All, Top Secret Improvements, Emergency Pet Taxi (Approved by the

Hi Everyone

Never thought I'd be doing a post about something this crazy but as you all know we are in the midst of a global pandemic. If you have a job that is classed as non-essential work you are to stay at home. So as much I'd love to say my work is essential, It is with deepest regret and with great difficulty that I decided to temporarily close my business, which has been for nearly 2 long weeks now. The safety of the people comes first of course.

A massive Thank You to all my clients who have been so supportive and caring during this trying time. It's been and is a challenge for everyone. Lets hope it doesn't last too much longer.

When all this blows over and i'm told by the government i can resume work, I of course will be chopping at the bit and will let you all know. I've kept all your dog Pack Playtime spaces for your dogs so no need to worry about booking them in again.

When we reopen it will be with a big ol' Bang (bark if you will)

And with that said I've been making some improvements to the business which I'm sure will intrigue you all but it's Top Secret for now!

However while we are still stuck in this Coronavirus situation I am still offering my Pet Taxi Service. This is only in real emergencies such as helping the elderly and vulnerable. This includes pet services such as taking their pet to the vet and back and picking up pet prescriptions.

Actually before the Covid-19 outbreak I was approached by Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Trust to be one of their trusted Pet Taxi's to call upon, which of course I took up in a heart beat, completely overwhelmed and honored. So with that service I pick up pets from owners homes who have recently been omitted to hospital and take the pet to a Kennels, Cattery or Animal Shelter to be looked after until the owner returns home well. I then drop the pet back off to the owner at their home when they are feeling better. So this is another part of the Pet Taxi service I am running currently and will continue to run.

For those elderly and vulnerable I am also carrying out food shopping and prescriptions picks up and any emergency service where I can be of use with my van.

Stay Safe, Stay Sane