A New Normal

It’s astonishing to think how much life has changed since mid-March when the Government took the decision to lockdown the UK; we’ve all adapted to new routines, new restrictions outside the house and to new ways of living and working. And as some of the restrictions on our daily life are easing, I wanted to write to you a blog on some changes within Companion Pet Care.

But before we get into that, I want to properly thank all my wonderful customers. Seriously!

Without your support, we wouldn’t have been able to make all of the incredible advances and strives that we have in the last four years to become the most loved and trusted Pet Care service in St Ives. So, deepest thanks!

Onto the good stuff… As the government have once again eased restrictions, it’s with great pleasure I can announce Companion Pet Care is re-opening its doors!

Our most loved ‘Pack Playtime’ service is recommencing from Monday 1st June.

We have taken a HUGE amount of the advice from DEFRA and the Government and also completed the Covid-19 Safer Pet-Care Training and Certification course to ensure we are doing all we can to stop the spread of the virus and our practices are safe, because your safety and that of your dog is of paramount importance.

Please see below info that outlines the new practices and protocols we’ll be adhering to for the safety of all our valued clients and our team. These guidelines include (but aren’t limited to!): social distancing, wiping down dogs before and after Pack Playtime and doing a whole lot of disinfecting!

For the safety of all, the dog’s and our team, Companion Pet Care are adhering to these disease prevention and contamination control procedures:

  • Our playtime area ‘Mutt Meadow’ is a private, fenced facility, so there are no unauthorised people or dogs permitted to enter the grounds which makes this the safest environment possible for your dogs and our team.

  • The van used for transportation is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected daily.

  • Circumstances where payment is made the use of cash or cheque will be avoided as much as possible. Where possible payment should be made using a credit or debit card or by electronic banking.

  • Our company policy is to not take on any dogs from a household who is self-isolating with symptoms or who has tested positive for the virus within a 14-day period.

  • Vetbed bedding has been removed from the van, along with treat dispensing toys and chews to minimise surface area where the virus may stay.

  • A clean water bowl is provided for each dog and is disinfected between usage.

  • Contact with your dog is kept to a minimum, including handling, petting and stroking.

  • As a company we have adopted the following strict pick up and drop off protocol (Handover):

  • Handwashing for a minimum of 20 seconds using soap and water (if available) or use hand sanitiser before going to collect or receive your dog.

  • Wearing gloves. These will be single use gloves and disposed of between dogs.

  • I’ll receive and return your dog maintaining a two-metre distance and if possible hand over the pet in an outside secure area.

  • Business leads will be used. Our leads are always disinfected between dogs.

  • If handover occurs indoors, we will wear a face mask.

  • We’ll wipe each dog with a pet safe single use disposable grooming wipe at the point of collection and drop off.

1. As we all seek to mitigate the spread of the virus we would really appreciate it if all our customers could make us aware of any confirmed or potential cases of the virus in your household or if become aware of any recent interactions with someone else who is also possibly infected so we can take the appropriate actions.

2. We require a Household Health Declaration from our customers before providing the service. We must evidence we have checked the status (as best we can tell) to minimise the chances of dogs from vulnerable, shielded, self-isolating or Covid-19 positive households mixing.

3. As always, we're focused on working with our customers, to maintain best practices, and to establish their requirements. Please keep us updated on your needs, as best you know them, when you know them.

I’m really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and having all my lovely customers back enjoying our services!