Hill Rise fencing scheduled to be fixed

And am so chuffed to say that Huntingdonshire District Council have approved our grant application for Repairs and Improvements to Hill Rise Dog Walking Area.

We've been raising money to get the fencing fixed as a first priority. It will cost £3,211.44. So I'm over the moon to announce Huntingdonshire District Council have funded the fencing to be fixed! The full £3,211.44!

The order has been placed and I'm told the work will commence soon (sa

dly this has been delayed slightly due to Covid-19).

A big thank you St Neots Fencing. Soon it will be fully enclosed, in theory. We The Committee (couldn't of done this without you Ladies) will do a thorough perimeter check to make sure this is so. If it isn't fully secure this is where our next project will be and our donations will go.

Hope that puts a smile on those faces who use this area for dog walking. Dogs running off will be just one less thing to worry about and a thing of the past.

We've also so far raised about £1000 in donations through our Canine Central Grooming Palour Dog Wash Event, our Quiz & Raffle event at The Haywain Pub, our Hill Rise Dog Walkies events and of course from just generous donations from good will of the public.

So with this money (and hopefully more will be being raised) can now go to our next improvement in our newly fenced in Dog Park.

And more fantastic news! we're been granted £333 from Waitrose towards our Hill Rise Dog Park Fundraiser! Waitrose wanted to give more to the people during these crazy times! After we applied to have our cause considered for with Waitrose's green token scheme, we not long after ha d a lovely phone conversation saying they are delighted to support our project. Due to Covid-19, they decided to postpone the handling of the green tokens to be more contamination aware and chose 3 charities to slit their £1000, our Hill Rise Dog Park being one of them. So grateful. Thank youuu St Ives Waitose.

So this gives us a total of around £1,333 to play around with.

Lets gets thinking of what we could next do to improve the area, this may be like: ensuring the fencing is 100% secure, having benches, more poo bins, a footpath, agility equipment fixed in, climbing frames & slides for the dogs fixed in, water bowl station, paddling pool, tunnels, sandpit, toy box, drying station with shelter, lighting, double gates at the entrance, smaller fenced off areas to name a few.

Do get in touch with your thoughts and ideas: companionpetcareservices@gmail.com

Exciting times!